When you feel something extraordinary, a rush of excitement, awe and wonder. Moments that make us cry with joy, that make us laugh until our tummies hurt, times we can't wait to experience again and again.

Then you have to meet the highest and most luxerious interpretation of a Candle in the world. Pure vegan German manufactured and protected Candle Flakes® mixed with 24K Gold give you the most unique and less smoking, big burning flame in combination with one of the most nameable German handcrafted mouth blown glass cylinders. A Candle that has the ability to seamlessly integrate into already amazing locations and even more emphasizing their beauty with it's unique and warm natural light.

In cooperation with a company possessing the expertise of the highest quality old craftsmanship glass manufacturing based in Germany - Glashütte Lamberts®, presenting the who is who of references like the York Minster Great East Window or the Diamond Jubilee Window, gift to the Queen of the Houses of Parliament - Great Britain, the Rockefeller Center NY or the Thomas Jefferson's Monticello or the James Madison's Montpelier - United States of America, the Hotel Adlon Berlin or Cologne Cathedral or the Martin Luther Church - Germany, the Cathedral "Notre Dame" - France, the Cathedral of Brasilia - Brasil, the Riyadh Mosque - Saudi Arabia or the Iolani Palace - Hawaii.

With it's unique appearance, specially customized for our customers, this amazing experience will bring a glow of warmth to your private and official locations, such as premium SPAs, hotels or customer events. A light ranging from reflective, meditative to glamorous and monumental, capturing everyone's attention with fascination. This combination will stay in mind enlightening your guests with the unique and distinctive feeling of beauty.

At the end of day, returning home there will be a bright shining light illuminating your night until the sun is rising. It will be here – night after night with a warm enduring shimmer, like an eternal flame.

  • - Glashütte Lamberts® - Extraordinary handmade glass, old craftsmanship in over 100 years of German tradition

  • - One of the most precious materials in the world - Finest 24K Gold perfectioned by traditional goldsmith craftsmanship

  • - Unique, protected and registrated combination - Pure white vegan, GMO-free Candle Flakes® mixed with pure 24K Gold Flakes 

  • - A Work of Art - Pure white vegan Candle Flakes 24K® mixed with pure Gold, every single piece a uniquely handcrafted individual item  


It all begins with the first step. Every Candle can be mixed with pure protected and registrated Candle Flakes® or with a feel free proportion of 24K Gold. Every Flake mix can be transformed into any "What is your most beautiful imagination of a Candle you have ever dreamt of for your estate, resort or anything that makes you happy", regardless of shape or color. We have made sure to bring together the most premium components to offer you a nearly endless range of combinations of Flakes, Gold and Glass – only limited by physics or imagination.

For all who have no time or lack of inspiration or anyone who wants to surprise his beloved, we have a team of specialists, your personal concierges who, if desired, assist you to create your own "Candle Flakes® – never seen before Work of Art", helping you to determine your Flake and Gold mix, design your own glass, choosing from over 100 pure or mixed colors, different glass structures and shapes, which will be custom handcrafted according to your wishes by the most experienced and nameable masters of their trade.

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Getting started is not a decision, it is a process of ideas, interaction and inspirations. For any kind of questions, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to talk to you about your ideas, imaginations and visions, embracing your dreams. Our crew of international specialists are able to visit you all around the world supporting your process and making your wishes come true.

All Candle Flakes® ideas, art work and news will be posted via social media. Follow us and be inspired! Thank you.

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